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Distinctive jewellery for the urban aesthete inspired by antique cultures, futuristic landscapes and the timeless allure of preciosity.

I. The House of Cardinal

Since 2012, Cardinal of London has searched for uncorrupted beauty in all its forms, harnessing the power of mythical creatures and ancient motifs and juxtaposing them against ultramodern forms, urban landscapes and a futuristic vision.

The House of Cardinal designs precious jewellery for those attracted to the edge of things, the daring, the dreamers and the collectors. Those seeking something unique, but familiar, otherworldly but grounded in historic and unrivalled craftsmanship.

Our discerning eye for detail and sculptural precision results in jewellery that is more than just a trinket, but a timeless treasure to be handed down from generation to generation. To inspire delight in both the wearer and the watcher, the owner and its future recipient.

Our aim has always been to beautify with confidence; to channel our vision of mythical modernity into artistic objects for the urban aesthete.

Join our community of contemporary collectors and discover how the Cardinal of London vision can adorn your past, present and future.

II. Rooted in time, yet timeless

We started with a labyrinth, a mythical king and a Minotaur. Today, the stories of Ancient Greece are at the heart of Cardinal of London, with the iconic bull’s head enduring as our logo. This devotion to the past is married with our vision of jewellery's future, where sleek, highly polished forms glint with gemstones and diamonds.

As a result, our designs can be identified as ‘Past’ and ‘Future’. We call on our customers to discover where their passions lie, either in the call of the antique or the allure of the unknown.

Bridging this divide is the House of Cardinal’s signature ELEMENTAL collection – a selection of pieces inspired by nature’s ever-present power. As if forged from volcanic rock, our ELEMENTAL Rock Rings are cool and contemporary, but forged from the rivets, curves and edges of the earth millions of years in the making.

With the past, present and future articulated throughout the Cardinal of London DNA, we can be both rooted in time and timeless. Our designs can be worn now and in years to come.

III. Our Heritage

Luka Pasikowski is the founder and creative director of Cardinal of London. He is descended from a family of goldsmiths and has been designing edgy, energetic and distinctive pieces for more than 20 years.

Each piece crafted by the House is first imagined and perfected by his skilled hand, utilising both his proficiency in precious metals and background as a sculptor. He is devoted to only the highest levels of craftsmanship, always ensuring that his aesthetically daring vision is rooted in consistent quality.

Now, customers can benefit from Luka’s lifetime of experience with Cardinal of London Bespoke – a complete design service that promises to turn your ideas into fully-realised pieces of jewellery. Cardinal of London also offers a Bespoke Wedding service, giving you the chance to say ‘I Do’ with unique wedding bands that tell your stories.

When he’s not creating one-of-a-kind pieces or putting the finishing touches to Cardinal of London’s signature Horse Rings, Luka is helping the next generation of jewellers learn their craft at London’s prestigious Holts Academy.

IV. Crafted by Cardinal

Once we had harnessed the power of the legendary Minotaur in the finest sterling silver, we turned our attention to armoured horses and devilish skull designs. With an emphasis on hand-engraving and fine detailing, Cardinal of London’s iconic Horse rings have not just captured the imagination, but also the attention of the finest jewellers in the United Kingdom. Recognising the incredible complexity of the brand’s Jewelled Horse Ring, the esteemed Goldsmiths Craft & Design Council gave the piece a special honour in 2012.

Both Cardinal of London’s Past and Future collections are crafted in sterling silver, adorned with yellow gold vermeil, black and white diamonds, amethysts, London Blue topaz, black sapphires and freshwater pearls.

This use of colour is particularly prominent in the Lilith and Interstellar pieces, which form the core of Cardinal of London’s Future collection. These highly-polished sculptural designs speak to our sense of adventure and curiosity; transferring a hint of the cosmic to finger, wrist or ear lobe.

Cardinal of London creates pieces for both man and woman, with collections also offering a unisex appeal to connoisseurs of quality and craftsmanship. Our specialisms include signet rings, earrings, lapel pins, wallet chains and necklaces.


Who we are?


Our History.

Cardinal of London has been nurtured by the beauty of mythical creatures and great cities developing its own interpretation of mythology and architectural motifs , often seen through a futuristic prism.





Meet Our Team


Luka Pasikowski
Creative Directors, Designer & Jeweller
Responsible for all the hand crafted process Luka specialises in wax work and bespoke commissions. He studied sculpture, visual advertising. Also, tutoring at Holts Academy of Jewellery in London.
Marta Pasikowski
Marta studied French in London and ensures about right artistic outcome and timely delivery. As a couple, Marta & Luka are both romantically engaded and artistically enthused and belive in cardinal mission to pursue and deliver beauty and happiness in life.