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neoBrutalist Jewellery

Raw, organised beauty of the design. Cardinal finds inspiring the volume, the outreach, the courage of brutalist outlines. How to harness the strenght and appeal of béton brut in jewellery, how to respond to its visceral beauty?

Keep it super solid and disciplined do not be afraid of angular and chunky. It is in refined techniques where brutalist affecinado should stay fussy. Has it contrasting textures? Right volume? Is it concrete solid?

Make invisible visible - see our Tank Track Ring and Bangle wich is not ashamed to show the pattern in oxidised silver, layered on polished silver. Solder the layers, cut in block, mould and cast, discard frivolities. Brutally speaking,  think in Block!

If possessing brutalist jewellery piece is not enough why not to play a brutalist architect and build your own brutalist London? Cardinal has found a surprisngly light take on the subject:


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