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Cardinal's Faceted Fascination - ELEMENTAL collection

Meet the new Cardinal of London ELEMENTAL collection, a distinctly urban, unisex range of earth-inspired rings that have an important role to play in our universe. Cardinal of London exists in two worlds, the past and the future. Many of our design inspirations can be traced back to ancient myths or seen in contemporary architecture with its highly-polished facet


 Photo: much loved faceted art by Xavier Veilhan

We created our ELEMENTAL Rock Rings to bridge the gap between these two extremes, like the House of Cardinal’s ultimate anchor to the present, to the moment and to the power of the earth beneath our feet. Each ring appears as if forged from volcanic rock, with textured, interlocking facets contrasted against a mirror-like interior surface. This contrast, which is at the core of Cardinal of London’s DNA, is also reflected in city life, where high rises and ultramodern forms clash with historic buildings and sculptures. True to his vision, our creative director Luka Pasikowski has created a selection of Rock Rings that transcend trends, offering style and comfort for committed, everyday wear. Our Rock Rings are all forged in sterling silver, but each has its own unique identity to appeal to every contemporary collector and jewellery connoisseur. Take a look at our guide to discover which Rock Ring is best to anchor you to your present moment… 

Signature Rock Ring

The epitome of the ELEMENTAL aesthetic, this heavy Rock Ring is crafted from solid sterling silver, hand-filed and then oxidised to give it a signature black colouring. Pair it with leather, layered chains and plenty of confidence.

Diamond Rock Ring

Add an extra dimension to your Rock Ring collection with sparkling white diamonds or black diamonds. As one of the earth’s oldest and most revered natural treasures, diamonds are the ideal way to celebrate the mysteries and magnitude of nature.

Golden Rock Chic Ring

Adorn your fingers with our treasure-like Golden Rock Chic rings, which are crafted in sterling silver and plated with gold for a warmer, richer tone. These beautiful rings will make a statement in warmer months, especially when paired with bold colours and oversized sunglasses.

Silver Rock Chic Ring

Want a piece of confident silver jewellery that looks good from all angles? Every facet on our carefully crafted Silver Rock Chic ring is hand-filed, so you can be safe in the knowledge that the piece you own is a unique work of art. Combine with our Golden Rock Chic ring for some edgy contrast. 

Rock Armour Ring

With its androgynous shape and sculptural aesthetic, the Rock Armour ring hints at the futuristic aspects of the Cardinal of London DNA. Pieces are designed to give you feelings of power - the ultimate confidence boost - so prep your fingers before a big event or work meeting.


Rock Trove Ring

Combine and contrast our trio of Rock Rings in sterling silver, oxidised sterling silver and gold-plated silver for a unique look all your own. Pieces can be worn stacked, solo or across multiple fingers depending on your needs in the moment. Perfect for someone who just can’t make up their mind.

Shop all of our ELEMENTAL Rock Rings here.http://cardinaloflondon.com/jewellery/collections/rock-rings.html 

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