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  • £200.00
    Cardinal of London takes on an adventurous tone with this distinctive sculpted silver pendant on the long 24' chain. Theseus's Greek Helmet Pendant is a stylish, mythology inspired creation depicting the slayer of Minotaur. For the contemporary heroes and heroines. Learn More
  • £390.00
    Inspired by Greek mythology and Sci-Fi Cardinal of London has designed this unique and powerful Minatour Pendant. Learn More
  • £390.00

    Infused with Greek mythology Cardinal has chosen this half - human, half -divine creature as its logo. Minotaur's story shows the drama and beauty of the existence. Minotaur Ring is a powerful men's or unisex statement ring with a good volume. The ring is  handcrafted from polished sterling silver with a detailed futuristic and robotic bull head and engraved nose. For enquiries and customisation like gemstones in the eyes email us at info@cardinaloflondon.com. The range of gemstones available; garnets, sapphires, diamonds etc.

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  • £150.00

    Bull head shaped stud earrings. Part of Minotaur Collection infused with Greek mythology and sci-fi. Easy to wear, handmade London. Choose from two options, sterling silver or black rhodium plated sterling silver version.


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