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  • Add an extra dimension to your Rock Ring collection with sparkling white diamonds or black diamonds. As one of the earth’s oldest and most revered natural treasures, diamonds are the ideal way to celebrate the mysteries and magnitude of nature. Learn More
  • £150.00
    Mysteriously Venetian animal mask with contemporary outline and hand engraved feline look. Learn More
  • £185.00
    Rosie Skull Ring- Stylish designer skull ring renders the undying beauty of female features here framed in sculpted hair with a rose. Quite a large Rockabilly skull ring, will sit perfectly on mens and womens finger alike. Handmade in London, customize it with the gemstones set in the eyes or engravings- email us for details. Learn More
  • £200.00
    Cardinal of London takes on an adventurous tone with this distinctive sculpted silver pendant on the long 24' chain. Theseus's Greek Helmet Pendant is a stylish, mythology inspired creation depicting the slayer of Minotaur. For the contemporary heroes and heroines. Learn More
  • £150.00
    Lion Stud Earrings feature the lion head, the most iconic architectural motif of the eternal city of Venice. Learn More
  • £195.00


    With its androgynous shape and sculptural aesthetic, the Rock Armour ring hints at the futuristic aspects of the Cardinal of London DNA. Pieces are designed to give you feelings of power - the ultimate confidence boost - so prep your fingers before a big event or work meeting. 

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  • Ornamental shank of this signet ring is holding a stellar top with an engraved perspective grid. Learn More
  • £360.00
    Futuristic and elegant constellation of rings presents its Interstellar 3 Ring. Galaxy glamour piece with an ergonomic fit, crafted from vermeil. Learn More
  • Silver unisex band, with a matted surface and polished inside. Easy to wear piece bringing out the elemental beauty of the rock. Handmade, hand filed in London, easy to wear designer jewellery.

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  • £390.00

    Infused with Greek mythology Cardinal has chosen this half - human, half -divine creature as its logo. Minotaur's story shows the drama and beauty of the existence. Minotaur Ring is a powerful men's or unisex statement ring with a good volume. The ring is  handcrafted from polished sterling silver with a detailed futuristic and robotic bull head and engraved nose. For enquiries and customisation like gemstones in the eyes email us at info@cardinaloflondon.com. The range of gemstones available; garnets, sapphires, diamonds etc.

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